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Michèle Peladan was born in 1977 in Marseilles, heart of Mediterranean music and cradle of the mandolin.

Michèle Peladan holds the diploma status Mandolin


She first encountered the mandolin while listening to Vivaldi's marvellous concerto in G major for two mandolins. This encounter was love at first sight and since then Michèle has nurtured a great passion for this instrument and other members of its family, mandola, mandoloncello, and Lombardy mandolin.

She started playing the mandolin with the Orchestre à Plectre de Marseilles along with dedicated musicians, Paul, Nina, and Gaby, who inspired her.


She then left for Italy to study with mandolin masters such as Ugo Orlandi in Padua and Dorina Frati. She obtained her mandolin Diploma at the Conservatory of Aquila with Dorina Frati (soloist at the Scala of Milan) as well as a diploma in solfege, music history, harmony and chamber music.


She returned to France and obtained the diploma of musical studies for the mandolin at the Conservatory of Argenteuil with Florentino Calvo. She also obtained a master's degree in musical aesthetics from the University of Provence. She followed orchestra conducting courses at the conservatory of Montpellier with Franck Fontcouberte and choir conducting in Marseilles with Roland Hayrabédian.

Michèle Peladan also won the competition "Trophée d'or enfants du monde" and has given televised concerts in particular with the orchestra Citta di Brescia.


She teaches in Marseilles to students that come from all over France.
Furthermore, she teaches in many music schools: Mélodie 7, the USCRM, and "la cité de la musique" of Marseille.

She innovated by opening in 2000 the first mandolin class in a collège in France, the Collége Sylvain Menu and she intervenes in various primary schools (La Rouvière, Menpenti, Allée des pins, etc.) in Marseilles. The objective of these classes is to introduce young children to music and to the mandolin, mandola and mandoloncello, as well as to promote these instruments and reveal young talents.


She has a fulfilling concert career in France and abroad.
She has played in concerts with 
Jean-pierre Rolland, Christophe Guida, Jean-Paul Serra , Benjamin Lavastre, Danielle Sainte Croix, Delphine Bertrand, Daniela Raphael, as well as numerous pianists and guitarists teaching in national music schools.

She plays in many plectrum ensembles, mandolin-piano, mandolin-guitar, mandolin-harpsichord and string ensembles, etc.


In addition to her mandolinist talents, Michèle Peladan has more than one string to her bow:

  • Guitarist,
  • Composer sacem member (especially works for mandolins, arrangements for plucked string orchestra and choir).
  • She is the conductor of plectrum orchestre of the "cité de la musique de Marseille Magalone.


She is frequently invited to give Master classes and participate in juries in various conservatories and in national competitions.